Monday, November 16, 2009

9 cleaning Chani

Here is the video of 9 cleaning Chani. I love her little yawn in the middle of it all! The lighting wasn't that great at the time that I shot the footage, so I imported the video into AfterEffects and added a few filters. I also shrunk the video down. This is what I went to art school for!

Oh, and it helps if you look at all the pieces that come in the box of your new smart phone (Smart phone, maybe not so smart consumer/user hehe). Found the USB cable for my Droid, so I just cable loaded the video to my computer. Thus, I'm even happier with my new gadgety phone now! By the way, thank goodness for internet resources because this phone did not come with a manual at all. Just a pamplet. Hmmm... maybe not so smart company? Though, they did provide a link for videos on Youtube to show you how to use your phone. Hmmm... how very cunning of Motorola?
And I wanted to thank everyone for their comments on the picture of Siena. I am an artist by trade and training, so I am very particular when it comes to presenting my artwork. If it doesn't look like it would when you see it in person, I consider it a "bad" photo. Of course, nothing really replaces actually seeing an image or action in person, but you can get pretty close. Honestly, I wasn't being that hard on myself... just being me :P


  1. The video is oh so cute. Mom says it reminds her of us only that Chilli rarely holds still for that long.

  2. That is a cute video. We like to see kitties groom each other. Mom only gets to see us do that at bedtime.

    No one is as hard on our work as ourselves. no friend or family will be as critical

  3. 9 was certainly doing a very thorough job there!

    Isn't technology great when the options it presents and our ability to use them combine?!

  4. That is a cute video. I love it when they groom each other. Olli does it with the Tabby too but it always ends in a fun fight...

  5. Turned out great! But with stars like this you can't miss! ;-)
    Great before bed treat!

  6. Wow! The top of Chani's head must be super clean by now! I was glad 9 started to move on to her neck for a while.

    What a sweet video!

  7. Oh wow, this video totally melted my glad you got your new phone so you can now take and post more videos for us to see ;)