Thursday, November 12, 2009

9 and Chani on the twin bed

Last night, I took a shower. I had left 9 and Chani dozing on our bed, but Chani was by the pillow and 9 was in the middle. I came back to the above.
Both immediately woke up and I went for my camera. It's not too often that they snuggle like this, so I had to make sure to take photos.
9 decided it was time to clean Chani. As you can see by her reaction, she had no problem with this at all.
She was purring up a storm as he cleaned her.
Chani started to bite back halfheartedly, so 9 decided it was time to clean himself. This was an action shot of him midway between cleaning himself and pulling back to get another go. Chani just slept through it all.

My only question is: if they're up by my pillow being all adorable, where do I sleep?

I photo messaged a pic of the pair to a friend asking the above. She told me: The floor! Duh!


  1. The answer... whereever you can find room!! ;-) At least that's how it works in my house!

    I have missed you all so much!! Great to come back to this post! Marlene, you just have to frame that 4th one down. It's just too cute!!

    Hugs'n'headbutts all around!

  2. Those are sweet pictures. I need to keep a camera on the bed side table to get late night (early morning) cuddles

  3. Mom tries to squeeze herself next to us. She loves it when we snuggle like this too. Chilli takes on the same position as Chani! Too cute.

  4. I just love snuggle season and I can tell y'all do to. By the way, thanks for the green papers for Chipper and Melanie, we sure do appreciate it!!!

  5. Yes, it's a primary rule that thou shalt not disturb a sleeping kitty -- so you must sleep elsewhere! I'm sure you have a couch.

    It's worth it, though, because these pictures are adorable, indeed.