Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cleaning Chani on a Sunday

If my brain hadn't already sploded from the cuteness before, well, it would have gone splodey when I saw this. Took a few pictures and of course, missed the shots where both kitties were looking at me. Still, with this kind of composition in front of me, I think I can forgive myself.

Checked out another condo today with my realtor (it's been about 4 and a half months since I made my offer on my first condo, and because it's a short sale, it's taking fooooorrrreeeevvver. Average short sale takes 4 - 6 months to complete). At any rate, this new condo was more impressive than the listing made it seem, but not enough for me to make an offer (really, if I'm going to buy a place, I must have my own laundry in my own place! Not to mention heaters that are not on the wall baseboards. Yes, I'm picky and spoiled by modern conveniences)... Will keep you all informed on how it all goes.

As I was told by Siena and Chilli's mom, Chani and 9 seem to be enjoying their grandparents' attention. Yes, they do and are getting very spoiled, but in a good way. And with moments like the above, how could anyone resist spoiling them?


  1. oy! good luck with your condo. i've been trying to buy a short sale since march. i gave up on my first, and then 2 months later, someone else had scooped it up and was moving in. i found something WAY better though, and i'm heading into my 4th month on this one now... i'd REALLY like to have a nice christmas with ALL my babies finally together in MY house and gathered peacefully around the tree. LOL, more like climbing up the tree and unwrapping all the presents, but whatever. ;)

  2. So sweet those kitties! It's good to have a friend to get behind your ears! ha ha!

    Good luck on your condo searching. Can't say as I blame you for waiting for the right one that has everything you want!

  3. Angie, good luck to you on your place! I know exactly what you mean by having your own place with all your babies around you. Sigh... keeping my fingers crossed for both of us!

    Thank you, Catherine! And yes, indeed Chani is very lucky though she may not always think that :D

    A & K, yes, they are!

  4. Crossing fingers over here in B'more for you and Angie! And all that sweetness comin' from your babies... :thunk:

  5. That's a seriously cute picture!

    Good luck on the condo. It seems awfully long! But at least you are comfortably settled in the interim! And #1 says she agrees about laundry facilities!

    We received the envelope with Tama's drawing. It is fabulous. THANKS Marlene!

  6. We want to come and get spoiled too!
    We love the picture! It's impawtant to remember how lucky you are that the two get along nicely.

  7. They look so zen!! Good luck with the condo hunting. Been there and all that. Wishing you the best!

  8. What pretty patched tabbies! You've got some beautiful photo's on your blog.
    Good luck condo shopping. We just sold my mother's for a song.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  9. Yes that is a wonderful picture, indeed! And a compelling reason to have at least two kitties at a minimum. So sweet!

    I always wondered why they called it a "short sale" when it takes so long. Seems rather odd, doesn't it? I hope things work out for you soon, so that you and Chani and 9 can have a place that meets all of your collective needs.