Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mom is cheating on us! And taking bad photos...

Mom is taking care of Kazi and Buddy while their parents are away. She's been using her phone to take photos and therefore, bad quality photos abound!

She made sure to snuggle Kazi. Despite his wide eyed look, he was somewhat enjoying the snuggle. Actually, he just wants attention, not snuggles. Still, he tolerates it. We think he misses his mommy and daddy a lot.

This is his sister, Buddy. She used to belong to a friend who passed away. Kazi's parents took her in not too long after they lost one of their furkids who was also a long haired tortie.

Here's another view of Kazi's "dreamy" blue eyes. Mom just loves this handsome boy and totally cheats with him on us (and on Q who came before!). Fortunately, we are happy to share Mom.

Although, you might not be able to tell that from this next photo...


  1. You are very nice to share your Mom so she can help out a friend

  2. I have to say, Kazi and Buddy are very cute!