Friday, October 25, 2013

Happy Birthday, 9!!!

Yes, indeed. Today is 9's 5th birthday. I cannot believe it. My sweet, cuddly, purring little darling is still kitten-like and just so wonderful. 9 is a true balm for my soul. He reads my moods and knows exactly what to do. When I work from home, he figures that I missed him so much that I couldn't go to work and therefore, he simply must sit in my lap and get as much attention as I can give him. I love this boy so much and I am so very grateful that I adopted him... or rather, he chose me as his person.

Let's take a look at this boy over the years.

Here is 9's first official portrait. His coat and markings were so very light back then. I adopted him when he was about 5 months old. Not too tiny. He was the perfect size to hug.

The Brave slayer of the Evil Feather toy. 9 showed me here how he liked to play fetch. He still does on occasion. Makes me wish I was home more often so I could see his antics.

Here is 9 while we were living with my parents, aged about 1 year and 4 months. His coat and markings had really darkened by then.

Here is his official 2011 old portrait.

Snoozing with Chani. This doesn't happen much anymore, unless I am sitting on the couch and they share my legs. It's kind of sad, but I think Chani might be happier.

Hanging with his brother who is much more willing to play than with sister, Chani.

And here is the portrait I took this morning. 9 let me cuddle and hug him. And tonight, we shall all celebrate with tuna.

Happy 5th Birthday, 9. Many happy returns!


  1. Happy birthday, 9! It's amazing how much darker your markings got as you grew up!

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!!! ><(((ยบ>

  3. O-Tanjyobi Omedeto, 9-Chan!

    It's fun to see how much darker you have grown!

    The Chans

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