Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Uh-oh... it's that time of year again

When Mom pulls out the costumes. Le Sigh. I wish the boys would "get" to wear costumes too...

Oh dear, Mom wants to take a photo of me in this dress. If some of you remember, Mom "lost" this dress and then found it again.

This year, my dress has been lying next to our bed. Mom's excuse was that she didn't want to lose the dress again. I think she was just being lazy.

And so, I suffer on. I pose prettily. And just can't wait to see if the boys get dressed up too.

(Just so everyone knows, Chani was purring the entire photoshoot. She did hop off the bed a few times and hunker down. But she stayed when I put her back on the bed and took a few snaps)


  1. Binga has that dress and had to wear it a couple of years ago! She did not mind wearing it either. But There is no way I would be happy in it.