Saturday, January 5, 2013

First painting of the New Year


Sheamus Popoki checks out the latest Om Kitty painting. He was the model for this particular painting.

I've sold out of all my previous cards (Blue, Pink and Purple) and I've had to reorder more.

Oh! And I ordered cards of the Loki cat and an angel that I painted for a friend.

And I remembered something I created for work ages ago that we never used. So, I asked and I'm allowed to use them for my own personal use now. Hooray!

Yes, cats in hats, based on the cats in hats that was so popular years ago. I'm not sure what kind of stationary I'll make out of these... any ideas out there in blog land?
At any rate, I hope to set up a website for all my illustrations tomorrow. We'll see if I can get to it. Lots to do tomorrow, including yoga and the opening of the latest wood soda kiln.

Hope you enjoy this!