Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Resting and relaxing

Mom is so happy to have a phone that takes photos again. She has completely foregone using the big black camera and is just taking photos of us using her phone. (She bought an iPhone 4s, if anyone is interested... We think the phone is doing weird things to Mom, she gets all giggly when holding the phone... do you think that it's emitting some sort of weird energy aura to make our Mom silly?)

At any rate, we had a nice snuggle sleeping on her last night while she was relaxing on the couch. 9 decided to clean my ears. He can be nice to me, I suppose.

I think he wanted to get closer to Mom... he likes sleeping on her chest, but I was in the way tee hee...

I love sleeping on Mom. So comfy.

And, at the end, I got all adorable and covered my eyes from the overhead light. Do I know how to work the cute or what?


  1. Chani, you do know how to turn the cute on!

  2. Cute Champion!!!!

    Maybe the "s" in 4s stands for "silly"????

    The Chans

  3. i love when they cover their eyes with a paw!

    it's cold out and these two sure do look warm and cuddly...