Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Halloween

There was a time last year when Mom said she would not dress us up. What she failed to add to that statement was: She would not dress us up in Q who came before's costumes. Instead, she bought us some new costumes...

For me, she got a jester's collar because as she has stated before, I am a terrible model. I constantly try to get out of my clothes. After all, I have a beautiful white coat and lovely markings. Why would anyone want to hide that under silly costumes? Sigh...

Does this smell funny to you?

This is Mom's favorite picture of the series. Don't I look like I have vampire fangs??? heheh And she got a picture of my tongue.

As for Chani, who is so wonderful at modeling, she managed to hide her costume(I seriously doubt Chani hid her costume, I think Mom just forgot where she put it!), so Mom resorted to putting her in an old kerchief and this witch's hat.

Hi All, Chani here. I have to confess, I have no idea where my dress is. I was such a good girl wearing it too! Oh well. Silly Mom must have put it somewhere.

Don't I look dashing in this hat?

 Yes, indeed, I am adorable.

No, I am not to happy to wear the hat, but Mom is happy she got a few pictures.

Where are our treats???

As a side note, we got lots of treats. Twice after the photo session.

Happy October everyone!


  1. Those are cool costumes! You both did very well in your photo shoot!

  2. Those are great Halloween costumes! I bet it was worth enduring the photo shoot for the treats, eh? Melly and Scarlett both go totally boneless for clothes, but I still can't resist dressing them sometimes.

  3. Both make lovely models, even if not everyone is completely willing ... :)

  4. they are both so cute. seeing these again made me giggle some more. i didn't realize chani had another costume that you can't find! find it! must see!