Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chani in a Kimono part 2

Greeting friends, Mom dressed me up in my second kimono. I was quite sad. But I did make it out of the bedroom and lay on the cool tile to console myself.

Then my dear brother, 9, decided to try and fight me. I think he got jealous because Mom was taking so many photos of me. Do you think I stood for that? No, I held my ground!

He eventually lost interest...

And I was left to sit pretty on the tile.

And to contemplate the unfairness of it all...

Note from Marlene: When Chani sits in her kimono with her paws in front of her, I keep thinking that she looks like one of those proper, noble Japanese ladies kneeling in their kimonos. She's so pretty! Also, since Chani's gained a bit of girth after losing her tapeworm, the kimono no longer closes like it used to hehehe... So, it's good that I take photos of her lying down. Teehee... Also, I think this kimono's colors look better on her. She really does do well with the Autumn color palette.


  1. You are beautiful but does look a little sad. Glad you sent your brother packing!

  2. I'm afraid 9 is terrible at wearing clothing. I can barely get him into his Hawaiian shirt! So, no haori and hakama for him :(

  3. i just noticed you have twitter on the blog! i was about to add you, but then i saw you haven't updated in 200+ days...

  4. Chani looks beautiful in her kimono! Those autumn colors do suit her nicely.

  5. I am really bad at twitter, Angie! I think I keep the account to follow the Caltrain feed in case of accidents and delays :P

  6. Chani, you do wear those colors well. Though your ears are doing what Meow Meow's do when Dieter picks her up against her will. Cheer up!