Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Chani on a Tuesday and toesies!

9 here. I'm getting a little put out. Mom is taking a ton of pictures of Chani but not of me!How wrong is that? She says it's because I refuse to sit still, but seriously. I'm so handsome. She should move faster.

This past weekend, Mom was selling her painted plates at a show in San Francisco. She made her table fee plus a little bit more. If anything it was a great marketing show.

AND, she came back inspired to draw more. Below you see a blurry Chani (hehehe...) And the drawing she worked on last night. Mom was too tired to paint, but she just had to draw. And she said that it was quite the reminder to work in pencil without an option to CTRL-Z something... no undo button??? hehehe

Then Chani started with the beauty poses...

And finally, her toesies.


  1. Mom loves the pencil drawing! Your Mom does a great job. We love seeing Chani but you need to set still so we can see your handsome face, too!

  2. Very fun drawing!

    Mom will have to learn to snap faster to take more photos of you!! :)

    Happy October!
    xo Catherine

  3. Oh, I see what you mean by the beauty poses. Chani does make it easy, doesn't she? No worries, handsome. :)