Monday, September 5, 2011

Cousin Christopher

This past weekend, Mom's cousin, Christopher came over. Lucky, Scruffy and Fluffy live with his family down in Los Angeles, but Christopher is now going to university near us. So, he came over for some food and family time over the Labor Day Holiday weekend.

Chani was a bit stand-offish, but she did play when Christopher flipped the string toy at her.

Of course, 9 also played. He really loved Christopher... actually, 9 loves everyone who will give him attention.

Chani observed. She likes to be around the action, but not always part of it.

9 also got some good jumping time in.

Christopher liked this shot because 9 looks like a ninja.

In the end, 9 got a huggle from Christopher.

And Chani got some good brushing in.

Mom can't wait til Christopher can come visit again. 9 too... Chani's still making up her mind.