Thursday, September 15, 2011

Marlene is tired

Hi Everyone. Chani here.

Mom is still tired from her weekend trying to sell her pottery. She now has a new sale in October that she is getting ready for. Work work work. Mom is not taking off enough time to actually rest! So today, she's a bit under the weather.

She is still giving us a lot of snuggles (Huggle time!) and is planning how to take photos of us for Halloween.

AND she cleaned up one area of the living room with the hopes of getting us another litter box. Someone, and I'm not saying who, but he's male and kind of annoying to me, is marking two areas in the living room. Mom is tired of cleaning up after him and is hoping another litter box will make him stop.

Mom did try Felliway, but it didn't seem to work.

She does promise to take photos of us soon!


  1. Feel better soon, Marlene! (Sorry to hear about a certain male kitty and his litterbox issues ...)