Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Friends: Oberon, Pica and Fizgig!

 On Saturday, Mom visited her friend and met some new fur-friends!

 This is Oberon. He's a Devon Rex and although he looks like an alien, he's quite the kitty. He surprised his mom by letting our mom pet him. Though he did run away and only demand attention when Mom was ignoring him.

 Don't you just love this look of his. It's as if he is plotting to take over the world and we are his underlings!

This is Pica, Oberon's doggy sister. She's a real sweetheart at 11 years of age. She gets some allergy medication with peanut butter every day.

Now, hold onto your hats to see an adorable Bengal kitten. Everyone, meet Fizgig!

Isn't he a doll? He loves to sleep belly up and boy does he like the air conditioner blasting in his face. Fizzy was all wiggly until his mommy put him in the direct path of the cool air. He then relaxed and started to zone out.

What a little love.


  1. What fun pictures! Fizgig is the perfect name for that kitten. As for Oberon, yes, he does have that "I'm watching you ..." expression, doesn't he?