Friday, October 29, 2010


Happy Tockstober everyone! Above you see 9's glorious tocks. It's so amazing to see his coat and the contrast in it. When he first came to me, his coat had that brilliant white, but his back/spine area and his little heart shaped target on his side were definitely more taupe than dark brown.

And here is darling Chani. Some how my camera phone loves her a lot. I have been getting such lovely photos of her lately. Her coat is also pretty in its color and depth. Love, love, love her orangey bits. And looking back at her kitten pictures. Her coat has definitely darkened up too. Ah, what a doll she was and is!

And her white socks remind me of Q. I remember not being sure about adopting her when I first met Chani. 9 definitely got a hold on me by licking my arm as soon as I held him. Chani was a bit more standoffish (and she did have an accident in my bed the first morning after I adopted her). But, I am so happy that she is in my life. She's my cuddle bug (when it suits her) delicate Princess Diva kitty.

(By the way, Chani's colors match our local baseball team. Go SF Giants!!! hahaha... no offense to Texas Rangers fans, but we gotta support our boys in orange and black!)


  1. Happy Tocktober! You two have lovely coloured tocks.

  2. They both have adorable "tocks" :) Oh, and the link to their baby photos was great...I'd totally forgotten how teeny tiny they used to be :) Lucky lucky kitties to have found themselves such a great home!