Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Time Machine

More scanned pictures of Q. Above is probably the first photo of Q ever. He was such a tiny thing then!

Here I am, holding him. My what huge glasses I had back then. I think this is how I got Q to deal with me hugging him and picking him up all the time. Just couldn't help myself!

Here is Q on my mom's chair when I first brought him to my parents' house. Yes, he rolled on his side and showed off that gorgeous belly a lot!

Another shot of Q's gorgeous belly. He definitely had the belly spot action going there.

Right after I lost Q, I knew I wanted to adopt right away. At the time, I just couldn't deal with having a kitty who looked like Q. I thought it would be too painful. You've seen who I ended up with, and neither 9 nor Chani have belly spots. Strange how now, I miss those spots so much!

Oh well, I am quite happy with the pair I have (though, it's so hard to not scoop up another baby who is all black or has belly spots! But, I think Chani would have issues and I have a hard enough time giving them all the attention they require... yes, I'm trying to justify not getting a new brother or sister for 9 and Chani, but perhaps when my parents settle down and not travel so much hehehe...).


  1. Wonderful memories of Q. He looks like an adorable kitten!

  2. Q is so cute! I could understand the pain when you lost your cat :(

    * We just lost our new cat :((

  3. So sweet! Such a cutie with that spotty belly!

    And I think for a lot of us if we looked back far enough we could find a photo or two of ourselves in big glasses such as those... ;)

    xo Catherine

  4. Those are wonderful pics of Q. Especially the one on the chair with the squished ear. And mom loves those belly spots too!

  5. Awwww, honey!!! Thanks for sharing! I snorggled the monitor without thinking! Gad, I'm a sucker for belly spots!

    And those glasses... well, I've got me some pics of monster glasses, too! Funny thing is, even though they'll likely be a slightly different shape, it won't be as long as you think before.... they're baaaaack! (Fashion does have that tendency!)

  6. Oh I love those baby photos of Q...what a totally sweetie and those belly spots just kill me...too cute! The look on Q's face as you're holding him is just priceless! I get the same look if I pick up any of my kitties...well Bailey Bear likes to cuddle but the other two will get the "Help Me! Rescue Me! Someone make her stop snorgling me" look on their faces :)

  7. This is a wonderful memorie post to Q. He was such a sweet baby with gorgeous belly spots !!!
    Thanks for scanning and sharing your photos!!!

  8. Q was adorable! Look at that cuddlebug. I can see why he was irresistible.