Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Greetings, fellow Kitties of blog land. It is I, Chani. Mom got a bee in her bonnet today and decided to dress me up. I was a perfect model as you can see above.

Am I not just adorable in this photo? I am feel so prim and proper in my pink ruffled dress (at least that's what Mom says I should feel). By the way, this is a different pink ruffled dress than the one Mom put me in last year. I out grew that dress.

A close up shot of me.

Hello, everyone. 9 here. I am not as good a model as Chani, but Mom got a few photos of me.

She's waving a stick with a bell at the end of it to get my attention. But, I was way too distracted by the shirt to really pose well.

Nom nom nom... I really do not like wearing clothes though Mom says I'm getting better about it.

This is the only photo Mom could get of the two of us in one shot. When we have to wear costumes, Chani and I refuse to share the frame!

Well, at least we got a lot of Greenies for this!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. Oh, Chani, you are beautiful in your dress!!! And 9, you look very cool in your shirt!

  2. You are cute all dressed up for Halloween!

  3. Adorable! I'm doubtful either Bella Mae or Cordelia Joy would love me dressing them up. I remember dressing my mum's cat up into baby doll dresses. Poor boy!

  4. Those are such great photos! Chani, you look just adorable in your beautiful dress. And 9, you look most handsome!

  5. Oh these are so cute! I love how little Miss Chani looks like a demure beautiful princess, happy to pose in her cute dress, while 9 is of course being a BOY and trying to take off his outfit!

  6. I love it! Beautiful work, Marlene. The kitties wear their new threads very well.