Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Relaxing on Tuesday

Is that the sound on miniature humans??? No. Phew! I was worried for a sec.

But now, we're relaxed and happy. It's just us and mom. Time to cuddle, get comforting hugs and just purrrrrrr...

Truly, when I took that photo of 9, it was just us and he was playing around. I think his markings always make him look serious, soulful, brooding and mildly depressed. He really is quite comfortable and happy, but it's hard to tell. AND to me, he kind of looks guilty in the above photo. I'm not sure what he has to be guilty about aside from perhaps leaving a wet present that I can't find but can smell in the living room. Still, only Chani has ever had issues not using the litter box (and only on the first morning after I adopted her).


  1. Aww, that second picture is so cute and snuggly! The first one does look a little guilty...

  2. Hi 9 and Chani!
    You two are so photogenic - you should totally have your mom submit pics of you to the Lifetime Companions and Co-Stars Photo Contest.

    The deadline is October 14th, so I'm trying to spread the word to all my favorite cats (and your human bean readers)! Just upload your photo and you could win everything from cash to a one-year supply of cat food:).

    Check out all the details here:
    Companions and Co-Stars Photo Contest


    Thanks and best of luck:).

  3. Haha ~ the first photo is so cute ~ there is perhaps a little bit of guilt on that sweet face. Good luck in finding that 'special' spot in your house ~ not fun!

    xo Catherine