Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Furfriends, I have some disturbing news. Mom has just informed us that she is leaving us! She is taking us to the Kitty Hotel tomorrow while she goes off gallivanting across some Pond to a place nicknamed "The Emerald Isle". How dare she not take us with her!

9 did not want to give Mom love at all when she told us this. He has since forgiven her, but I'm not too happy about it. I'll be sure to give her a lot of guilt by not looking at her when she puts me in my room at the Kitty Hotel (I'm an excellent drama Princess and can make Mom feel guilt better than Grandma!)

Well, at least she will meet Grandma and Grandpa over there, and she promises to take lots of pictures and think of us every day. Grrrr...

I shall do my best to have fun at the Kitty Hotel (I'm much better at it than 9), but I'm not too happy about this!

Note from Marlene: Yes, everyone, I'll be heading off to Ireland on Friday. I'm hoping that the Icelandic volcano does not close Dublin Airport. According to the weather forecast, I shall be experiencing a lot of lovely rain and cold temperatures (remember, I'm a wimpy Californian... anything below 60 degree F (15.5 degree C) is cold for me... this whole 14 degrees C high and 7 degree C low is a bit much for me! I'll only be gone for about 5 days and yes, I'll miss 9 and Chani dearly! But, I will take photos and my laptop, so I might post some images from my trip here.


  1. Marlene I don't know about Ireland but here in the actual UK its been quite sunny for the past few days... ;)

    Good luck for the traveling and big hugs to the cats!!!

  2. Thanks, Martin. Hoping that Ireland gets some sunny weather while I'm there!

    The kitties appreciate your hugs :D

  3. Have a nice and safe trip. Take care...

  4. I'm green with jealousy (appropriate, eh?) and clearly so are Chani and 9! Have a great time and inundate us with pics!

  5. Have a wonderful trip. You will miss your babies as much as they miss you!