Saturday, March 6, 2010


Today, Mom took Chani and me to nice Dr. Saito to get our vaccinations. Chani sang the whole way to the office while I was a good, quiet boy. At the office, Mom had to pull us out of the carriers. I explored, Chani tried to stay in the carrier.

Before Dr. Saito came in, Mom weighed us. I was 10.8 lbs! Yes, I'm a big boy, but not as big as Q who came before... He was 16 lbs at his heaviest according to Mom. Chani weighed in at 9.8 lbs.

Dr. Saito came in and knelt down to get one of us to come over to her. I won! I was a brave boy today. At any rate, I got examined and was given a clean bill of health and got two shots. I didn't complain once! Though, I was a bit wiggly when I got my temperature taken. Good thing Mom held me hehe... Dr. Saito admired my black paw pads.

Now, Chani was a good girl too. But something odd happened. When Dr. Saito weighed her, the scale said 10.2 lbs! How is it possible for my little sisfur to gain 4/10 of a pound in the course of a few minutes. Mom was very confused. I think Chani has magic powers.

Chani got examined and received her shots. However, one of her ears was very waxy. So, she had to go into the back. Mom and I waited a bit and then a vet tech came in carrying Chani. She put Chani into her carrier (I had already climbed back into mine. I was totally ready to go home!) Dr. Saito came in a few minutes later and said Chani was a good girl, but after she got her ear cleaned, she hid her head in the vet tech's jacket. This made Mom go all gooey at the thought of this cuteness and just how sad Chani was.

At any rate, we are both very healthy and doing very well. Mom says that tomorrow is a special occasion and we might get a special treat. She also promises to post pictures tomorrow as she didn't take any of us today... How wrong is that?

purrs to all!


  1. Hey guys glad you are ok... Looking forward to the pics!


  2. Dr. Saito sounds very nice. We're very glad you're both doing so well! Weird about the weight, though!

  3. There is nothing better than hearing good news from the vet human.

  4. We're happy to hear both are you are in excellent health. Chani, one of my ears is a bit waxy too and sometimes they prescibe ear drops but it comes back. What did the vet do to make your ear better?
    Purrs, Siena

  5. Siena,

    Dr. Saito took me in the back and put some drops in my ear to loosen the wax. Then, she cleaned it out. Last year, she gave Mom some drops to use on my ear too. Dr. Saito said that sometimes the gland that makes the wax gets irritated and then produces too much wax! Mom didn't get any drops this time, but it sounds like you and I have the same waxy problem. I guess it's something we both have to live with :/


  6. Aww Chani ... I would have hidden my head in the vet tech's jacket too. Glad you are home again and reigning supreme.