Tuesday, March 23, 2010


My tower computer that died a few months back and was rehoused as an external drive... well, it died again. So, now I'm trying to get my laptop into working order as well as hopefully get my old tower guy up so I can get the files up and running.

Unfortunately or fortunately, it means I am finally going to upgrade certain Adobe products. Goodness, this is going to be an expensive year for me. Not only did I buy a condo with my parents' help, now I'm upgrading software too. Ah the things we do...

So, this means that it might be a bit before I get back to posting pics of my beloved pair (after all, that is why you visit this blog, right?). Please be patient with me.



  1. Ohhh noooo! Are you going to school?? A few years back I got the Adobe Creative Suite waaaay discounted (~$350 v $1200, at that time). Don't know if they still offer that.

    Our patience is yours, sweetie!

  2. Ah yes, technical difficulties, how well we know them! (Well, Dieter does. That's a story that involves a broken sprinkler head in his office and his laptop -- not pretty.) We wish you speedy fixes with as little hassle as possible :)

  3. Drat! Don't you just HATE it when repaired stuff breaks down again soon after?! Good luck getting things up and running again.

  4. GAAAK! Hate computer problems! Good luck in getting everything worked out.

  5. Sounds horrible. But it's even more horrible that we have to miss out on pictures of our furriends. What, mom?!