Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nom Nom Nom

Another in the line of: Oh my gosh! Look at how big they are getting!

Or: Photos of anyone's backside are just not flattering.

Yes, 9 and Chani still have the whole routine of Chani eats on the left and 9 is on the right. This is only at the beginning. After a few noms, they switch sides. Then, Chani will walk away and 9 will finish her plate. On occasion, Chani will get a few more bites off of 9's side, but not always. My dad is so worried that Chani isn't getting enough food, that he is putting her plate and her up on the counter so she can eat in peace. He's such a big softy :)


  1. My two always start out eating from the same bowl but she leaves first and he will switch.

  2. my cats always take turn ;)

    * 5 of them eat and drink in one bowl

  3. We share a bowl for the wet food. Mom knew right away that she would never get Chilli to stay away from my plate. It works as long as none of us needs a special food! Chilli eats far more than me btw.
    9, your furs truly have a very special pattern!
    Purrs, Siena

  4. Ah sweet picture even a back view..

    Hugs GJ xx

  5. Wow! These two are really growing up fast! They used to be soooo tiny! Love the "backside" shot, although they may not be thrilled that pictures of their bums are posted on the internet for all to see, but we love it anyway ;-)

  6. I would say, they both like well fed from that view -- though they are far from chubby. I like that shot because you can clearly see their beautiful markings. So unique and lovely!