Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cleaning Chani... again

As I stated in the last post, 9 still takes his Chani cleaning duty seriously. He just knows that Chani needs his extraordinary cleaning skills help to keep herself looking like the Queen/Ruler of all She surveys self that she is. Doesn't it looks like he's giving her a kiss on the cheek? She doesn't look thrilled, but she's not exactly stopping him either.

9: Ears... your ears must always be pristine, Your Highness.
Chani: Enough with the commentary! Just do your job right or it's off with your head!

I know it looks like they might be hugging in this picture, but no. 9 and Chani turned my parents' bed into a king sized battle ground. Sigh...

I went into a Petco this morning to get them more kitten kibble. 9 is 11 months and Chani is 10. Right now, it's hard to get food for them because

1) their age... so close to 1 year and I really don't want to get them too much age appropriate kitten food or too little...
2) pet stores keep running out of the type of kitten food that I started them on so I have to find another one that isn't too expensive or not enough for them. Chani's stomach is a bit delicate, so it's kind of a gamble to switch foods on them.

BUT... the main thing that I wanted to say about going into Petco this morning... apparently Halloween is just around the corner because all the Halloween costumes are out.

MUWAHAHAHAHAHA.... yes, I bought them costumes... I've already put on Chani's costume (on her, not me). She needs to grow just a tad for it to fit right, especially the head piece. 9's costume... well, it fits and is most appropriate. I cannot wait for October!


  1. Costumes you say!!!!! I am on my way to the pet store RIGHT NOW! BTW, good cleaning skillz 9. I am truly impressed.

  2. Washing your sibling is a high priority task. We haven't done that much lately...
    Costumes! Oh my, we're glad we only get to watch.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  3. Oh these two are just so adorable...9 is such a good brother, making sure his sister is all shiny and clean...oh and you are a brave woman, putting costumes on kitties...I wouldn't dare try it on my monsters...retribution would be swift and merciless :)

  4. I'm with Hyacinth... maybe Gus would tolerate a costume. Annie would rip hers to shreds, Bitty hide in embarrassment, and Winnie would quietly remove hers. Not sure about Peggy Sue. She might suffer it for a while. But Aggie... shred city! And the boys are too little!! ;-)

  5. Oh, but I can't wait to see 9 and Chani in theirs!