Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 and Chani on a Tuesday

Good morning! 9 here. You know, Mom always says that I'm not too bright. Well, I'm not sure how true that is, but I do know that I'm adorable and I want to help her out (because Lisa told me that Mom needs some TLC). The other day, I had the perfect opportunity (or oppurrrtunity as Wendy might say... see! I'm smart!). You see, Mom bought a bag of kibble for my sisfur and me. She left it on the ground in the plastic bag. Now, I thought she went to look for something to open it up so she could refresh our food bowls.

So, I decided to rip it open with my teeth and claws. After all, what use are they otherwise?
Here's the biggest opening.
Here are some other attempts.

Not bad handiwork, don't you think?

Hello, Chani here. I tell you, 9 is such a naughty boy, but he has his uses heehee. You see, I watch him get into mischief and then I take part in the end results. Now, Grandma and Grandpa saw 9's "attempt at helping Mom". They took the food away, wrapped it in a plastic bag and hid it in this magical food storage area. I heard Grandma and Grandpa tell Mom that they're not sure who got into the bag itself. Mom blamed 9. Heehee, I let 9 take the blame, but you know, I know Mom is thinking that I got some of the fresh kibble too.

And I'm not telling if I did or didn't. =^.^=


  1. MOL that is great, you two did well I hope you got to eat quite a bit before it got hidden away.. Well done.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. That is a really sweet photo of you, 9, and you could not possibly be guilty of anything.....

  3. Whatever really happened you two are a great team. 9, Chilli is very much impressed at your handiwork. Well done!

  4. Oh Chani! You have such an adorable little angel face, your mom would never think you were the guilty one.

    9, on the other paw, looks like quite the rascal. He certainly made short work of that bag!

    I hope your bowls got filled up before the rest was put away.

  5. That tales talent to share the glory but not the blame!

  6. They just served themselves!!! What good helpers!!!

  7. Great job 9! I always knew you were a smart young fella! Opening the food bag and helping your mom out was a wonderful thing to do! Of course I know that Chani probably came up with the original idea, but you implemented it in a perfect manner :-)

  8. If there is ever any "bitten" object, we know who is to blame in our house. Moxie!!! She loves to bite plastic bags, paper bags, and cardboard boxes. However, Tsu has started to eat one of Mak's socks. It's weird, cause he only wore the socks for 1 hour and she hasn't gone after any other socks. Well, she's totally kicking that sock's butt now! =D