Tuesday, September 1, 2009

9 and Chani... growing up

First of all, thank you for all the well wishes. I feel much better now than I did last week. That stomach bug really kicked me hard!

Ok, now for some pics of the kits, because I know that's why you're all here =^.^=

9 and Chani snuggle on occasion. So, I'm always happy when I'm able to catch them together. 9 still takes his Chani cleaning duties a little seriously. On this day, she was taking a lovely afternoon nap, 9 was looking out the window and then decided it was time to clean Chani. She was so relaxed that she just let it happen. 9 is really a good big brother to her. After a bit of cleaning, 9 decided that he needed to rest and Chani provided a pillow for his weary head.

Here's a side by side picture just to show you how big they've become. Neither is one year old yet, but they are truly looking like cats now instead of kittens. Part of me is kind of sad about that, but Chani is still my delicate little Miss and 9 is still my brawny big little Man.
Yes, she is definitely growing into quite the lady cat.

I know I keep saying that 9 is not too bright, but let in this picture, you can definitely tell he is bright and quite capable of contemplation.

Back in the day, when I would talk to Q (of course, I was cuddling him as well or he had just done something I didn't want him to do), I would say: Q, my darling... Love of my life... I love you dearly... yada yada yada

Last night, 9 was being rambunctious and chaotic as only a 10 month old kitten can and I said: 9, darling... Love of my life...

I had to stop there. I hugged 9, said: Q was the Love of my life, but I love you very dearly too, 9.

Funny how things just remind you that Life does indeed go on.


  1. Both of them are such beautiful cats. We really like today's pictures!

  2. (((Marlene)))
    We're here for YOU, too! I kinda think love is so big and warmly encompasing, it is happy when we have many an "of my life" in our lives.

    Sorry I missed wishing you better. Summer is almost over and already internet time is starting to slip away!

  3. Glad you are doing better, Marlene! Both kittens are equally precious, but I have to say that Chani has the cutest little face ever. It makes me think of pretty little pink Hawaiian ruffle dresses and how much I want one and how also to explain to Albert that, "No sweetie, this isn't a dress. It's a pink man-shirt." Fingers crossed that maybe he'll believe me!! :OP

  4. The great thing about love is how it expands to take in those who walk into our heart. Ikkyu was the love of my life, and then so was Sen-Chan, and so are the girls... Each a little bit different from the others.

    9 and Chani are looking great. Sei-Chan is only 7 months old and she is already as big as Tama-Chan who is a year old!

    Glad you're feeling better!