Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tunneling Thursday

Despite some nice heat in the Bay Area, Chani still goes under covers. 

Here she is relaxing and yet keeping a wary eye out for the flashy black box thingy I keep pointing in her direction (9's as well)

But, dozing is definitely a higher priority.

Finally, a Princess Diana rose from my parents' garden.  I love taking photos of roses.  With my shiny new camera, I can print these up to at least 9x12 if not bigger.  Now, I just need to get some large format paper.


  1. OMG -- that flower is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    Speaking of beautiful, so are your babies!

  2. Very cute photos of Chani!

    The rose is stunning! Our #1 has planted lots of roses in our garden and loves taking photos of them too! In fact, she took one she really likes this morning! Maybe she'll post it tomorrow.

  3. peek a boo kitty eyes and paws. Cah-yute!!

  4. That second picture is how we see one sweet eye and one little white paw sticking out :)