Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Toesday and an award!

It's Toesday and what better way to enjoy that but to post some lovely toesies pictures. First up is Chani and her jellybean pink toes.

Next up is 9 with his little black toesies and one pink toe. So darn cute!

Finally, Siena and Chilli kindly granted us this award.  We are very happy to accept it though, I'm not sure about following all the rules!
Here are the rules:
"When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog.” Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on! "

So, here are 10 honest things about 9 and Chani

1. Although 9 is the older and bigger kitten AND he tries to be the more dominant cat, he is actually kind of a scaredy cat.  Chani is much braver when faced with unfamiliar sounds and objects.
2. 9 is very flopsy whenever he is picked up.  He just relaxes in my arms (or Chris') when we pick him up (which is very often!)
3. Chani loves going under covers.  She loves her fort/tower as well as her flaming blankie fort on the couch.
4. Chani loves to sleep in my armpit or by my neck... always on the right side, never on the left.
5. Although neither kitten can open a swinging door yet, 9 through sheer determination has opened up the sliding door of my closet... new play area for 9 and Chani!
6. Early on, one of the kittens or both, flipped over the butter dish cover and ate butter.  We're not sure which one!
7. 9 loves to watch my computer monitor and bat at the cursor or any text that is being written in a blog window or IM window and such.  Chani's not as interested in the monitor these days.
8. 9 is fascinated by the opening and closing of the DVD tray on the DVD player.
9. Chani loves to run in straight lines after the laser pointer dot.  9 runs in circles following the Evil Feather Toy II.
10. At dinner time, 9 always stand on the right, Chani on the left. 9 gets a bit confused if he's on the left..

And there you go!  I have to think now about who to pass the award along to!


  1. Those toes are just gorgeous!!!

    Congrats on the award. We loved reading your list!

    Your Friends,
    Tom, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  2. We love this award because of the interesting stuff we get to know about our furriends! Your 10 honest things were very cool. Thanks for accepting the award!
    Purrs and noselicks, Siena & Chilli