Tuesday, May 12, 2009

9 a-leaping

I've mentioned before that 9 is more brawny and Chani is more agile.  What I didn't mention is that 9 has some serious jumping ability.  These pics are from a set where he was  jumping up after the Evil Feather Toy II. 

He's jumping about 2 feet in the air.  In some of the shots, because of the perspective and the general neutrality of our apartment, it's hard to see how high he can get.  

Fortunately, Chris' pj bottoms provide a little bit of contrast, so you can see some of the height 9 can achieve.


  1. Way to go, 9! I can jump very, very high too! I'm a little bit crazy and hit things most of the time though. Siena says that's not very clever, but she misses out on the joy of leaping! We can fly, man!
    Purrs, Chilli the huntress

  2. Wow! I'm so impressed by 9's jumping abilities! Great job, 9 :)

  3. I never noticed how dark his tail is compared to the rest of his body! (But I did notice that Chani still has her little fort made on her tree!)

  4. Yes, Patti, the fort remains. Chani can often be found 'lurking' (as if such a lady could lurk!) there

  5. And anyway ladycats have to have their quiet hideaway right!!?