Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9 latest 'fun' times

So, on Saturday, Chris noticed that 9 had a flea on him. I'm not sure how he got it. I probably brought one in or the deck adventure or something.

Therefore, on Sunday, I went to a Pet Food Express and bought some flea medication to put on both Chani and 9. Put it on 9.  His fur seemed to soak it all in. I was a bit more worried about Chani as her fur is so slick that the medication was not soaking in at all.

However... Chani did just fine. 9 on the other hand would start grooming himself (I made him stop as often as I could) and he became a drooling monster.  This lasted for a long time and boy, did I feel guilty and worried and everything else! Finally, it was decided that I should wash the medication off of 9.  He looked so miserable drooling, it just felt like it was the best thing to do.

Fortunately, Chris has a hand held shower extension thing in his bathroom, so I could use that. Let's just say that although 9 stayed in the bath tub, there was water all over the place because in my infinite ability to not set up shampoo or other equipment necessary to bathe a kitten, I managed to put the shower head down.  The shower head refused to stay pointed down but rather pointed itself up. Water arced over the bathtub walls onto my head and back and everywhere else.

At any rate, here are the post bath pictures.

Mid foot shake #1

Mid foot shake #2

Chani coming over to investigate.

It only took 9 a little while to forgive me and rub up against my leg again.  And he's stopped drooling. Thank goodness!


  1. Those scrawny cat legs are so perfect. I feel your pain with the shower. My kitties have a tendency to step in their poo. Off to the tub we go and I promise no one leaves a happy camper. They cry and then I cry because I am covered in scratches and fur and completely soaked. More power to you for handling it so well. :)

  2. I can't think of what it is called -- I get it from my vet. (Frontline maybe?) It's a single dose that you put on the cat's neck. You just squeeze it out onto the skin. And then you are done. Painless for you and them!

  3. The stuff I bought was Bio Spot, Patti. It's like Frontline, and you have to squeeze it onto them... I don't know. I'll have to get Frontline next. Still, 9 has stopped scratching, so I think he's ok.

    Cori, I used to give Q a bath on occasion (like when he'd take little jaunts around the neighborhood after sneaking out... I get really itchy with all the dust that kitties pick up outside). He was pretty passive, but if he could take advantage of an escape opportunity from the horrible water, he would. And with him, I'd end up as wet as he was hehe. Still, 9 was pretty good and passive for the most part (kind of like Q, but not). I had him by the scruff of the neck for the most part and firmly held him the rest of the time. So, fortunately, I have a bit of experience in this ;)

  4. That little awkardly uplifted hind leg is so cute. Pure cat move. Both of your babies are adorable.

  5. We can't decide what's worse: the drooling or the bath. Poor 9! It's time for us to get Frontline or whichever else product too, but mom is worried that we will wash it of each others neck. She'll talk to the vet about it on Friday. Oh, Siena had a bath once and she looked hilarious. She's skinnier than Chilli, can you believe it?