Saturday, July 27, 2013

Marlene's Drawings

Hello everyone. Marlene here.

Last month The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee ran a FUNDraiser for the Seattle/Tacoma Humane Society's Dog-a-Thon. All together, the site raised over $117,000 for homeless kitties. The fundraiser itself raised $234,000.

I helped a bit by offering to draw little sketches of donors' kitties for a donation of $25. The limit was 20. Donations #20 and #21 came within seconds of each other so I said that I would be happy to do 21. Now, before the offer was published on the IBKC website, Fizzgig and Oberon's mom donated $25. So, I have 22 sketches to do. Haha... it's all good.

The first 3 sketches are done.


 India Rose and Zoubisou


India Rose and Zoubisou are drawn on cold press paper, so there is a lot more texture on it than I prefer, but their mommy likes it. So, that's all good.

The others are drawn on hot press paper. Much smoother results there.

And I needed a bit of a break from drawing kitties, so I drew a phoenix. Uploaded this to Zazzle as an iPhone 5 case.

9 spent time in my lap as I was working on Belle. Then, Chani. Sheamus Popoki headbutted my leg for attention.


  1. Wow, they did good! And so did you - paws up for your generous donation of sketches. The ones you have done so far look amazing.

  2. Love your drawings. You are so good to do the last ones, too!

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