Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Snoozing and posing

Mom gave us treats the other day. We lined up prettily and ate them. She was pleased to show off our colors here

9 snoozed on Mr. Crab a lot this weekend. Yes, he always looks like he is winking at people.

Chani reclaimed her spot in the closet from the Orange Interloper.

She was so happy that she reached out for a little mini high-four.

 Very happy girl here.

Sheamus snoozed under Mom's desk next to her feet in his typical belly up position. Mom found it very hard to work while he was being so adorable.

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend and will have a wonderful week!


  1. Looks like all is well at your place!

  2. You three are showing off your colors very well. Love the mini high five!

  3. Three very adorable kitties! We don't know how your Mom gets any work done at all.

    The Chans