Thursday, July 18, 2013

A new camera

So, I bought a new camera. A Canon SX50. I bought it for the super zoom, 50x optical. I really wanted a camera that was lighter than my Nikon and could zoom better than the lenses I can afford for my Nikon.

Above are some shots of the moon.  I'm rather pleased with them. I am going to try using a tripod next, just to see if it helps with the stability and focus.

Reviews of this camera say that it's not good for low light and lots of action. The shutter is really slow, even with a flash. But, if your kitty poses well enough, you can get a good shot. Sheamus Popoki was a good boy for me.


  1. Those moon shots look awesome, as does Sheamus Popoki! My human totally needs a low light type camera, since we don't exactly cooperate very well when it comes to posing.

    1. I have a f/1.4 lens for my Nikon. That is great for low light and it is super fast. I highly recommend something with that huge an aperature for taking photos of uncooperative kitties :D