Tuesday, June 25, 2013

New Friend: Leila Rose Bean!

The other day, Mom indulged in her not-so secret pleasure. Taking photos of animals! Well, this time, she got to take photos of a 12 week old English Bull Dog named Leila Rose Bean.

You see, her friends recently brought this pup into their home and Mom just had to take photos. In fact, if Mom could make a living off of taking photos of pets, she would totally do it.

Here is Leila Rose looking coy. It was really hot out, so she retreated to the shade as much as possible. Smart pup!

Mom arrived at around 11 am and Leila was pooped from playing hard all morning. She was napping for a bit in her new pink bed.

Later she let out a big yawn while getting her beauty shots taken outside.

She really is quite adorable (for a dog, that is...)

Thank you for letting us indulge in sharing Mom's photos! OH! and apparently, yesterday's post was our 500th post! Mom had no clue until she checked out this post. Silly Mom! So, yay for us for having 500 posts! Here's to the next 500!