Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mea Culpa, Sheamus Popoki! Happy Belated Birthday!

Teehee, Mom is in quite the apologetic mood. You see, 2 weeks ago, she knew she would have to post a little something about my 2nd birthday, BUT she forgot. Can you believe it? Now, a week later, she remembered and wow, talk about giving me lots of love haha

I'm just going to soak it up.

Mom says that I've come along way from this itty bitty she fell in love with but resisted with all her might.

And then she took this photo and fell for my charm completely. Originally, she wanted me to go live with Grandpa and Grandma, but they were traveling too much, so I joined 9 and Chani.

Now, although she says the cat fur around the condo has increased exponentially and that everything (dark furniture covers, curtains...) have taken a white or buff tinge to it, she wouldn't have it any other way.

And I've become quite used to Grandpa coming over to feed us on Tuesday nights. Before, I would just hide as soon as I heard him come in. Now, I wait with my brofur and sisfur for him to give us treats. I don't hide in the closet anymore!

Still don't like strangers though. But, Mom says that's ok.

I promise to make sure Mom 'pays' a little bit for her forgetfulness. And she says she will give us tuna or possibly bake us a cupcake as soon as she finds the right recipe.

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend, furiends! I know I am :D


  1. Happy belated birthday, Sheamus Popoki! You are so handsome, I can see why your human could not resist you!

  2. Happy belated birthday, Sheamus Popoki! Get all the treats and loving you can!