Thursday, May 2, 2013

9 in a box

Hi Everyone! I have a little story to tell you. There I was just sitting pretty in a box. Mom came up to take my photo and that Orange Interloper photo bombed me!

He even had the audacity to sniff the camera before walking by, not pausing long enough for a good focused photo...

I continued to sit in my box, slightly disgruntled.

And now, we are all slightly disgruntled as Mom pulled out her suitcase. No warning whatsoever!

She says she'll only be gone for a few days for Aunty B's 50th Birthday party and that Sheamus Popoki's foster mom will take care of us. But still!

She better give us a good amount of treats before she leaves AND when she returns!


  1. THat is the way our people do, too! They just pack and leave all in one morning! No warning at alL!

  2. Humans! Why can't they stay where they belong? And for that matter, why can't they do something about those photo bombers?

  3. You look very cute in that box, 9-Chan!

    It sounds like ti will be quite a short trip for your Mom, and we're sure you'll be well-cared for!

    The Chans