Thursday, May 23, 2013

Of paw cleaning, Chani cleaning and being cute

Last night, Mom was lying on the couch, Chani took over her chest, so I lay next to Mom. Mom started petting me and I was so happy, I rolled this way and that til I fell of the couch. Chani ran off and I decided to hop up to the back of the couch to clean my paws. I totally meant to roll off, after all.

 Later Chani sat on Mom's chest again. Being the good big brother...

I decided Chani needed her head cleaned.

Sheamus slept on the other couch, but then decided Mom needed to take a close up photo of him, so he came closer since Mom couldn't move with the two of us on her.


  1. You are a very good big brother to clean her head. Our Mom thinks your Mom is very lucky that you will lay on her.

  2. Only one of us will get on my human at a time. Any more and there will be smacky paws!