Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sheamus visits Dr. Saito

Today, I had to go visit Dr. Saito. Mom wanted to get me checked out and to get my rabies vaccination. I was a good, calm boy in the carrier.

I really didn't want to come out. But Mom made me.

Dr. Saito was nice and calm as she poked and prodded me. She weighed me at 8.4 lbs. I also was very calm (i.e. not wiggly) when I got my temperature taken. After my exam, Dr. Saito pronounced me to be in good health. Then, she gave me a shot. I didn't not squeak or squirm or anything. Mom made sure to cuddle me and give me lots of praise during the exam.

Now, I am back at home with my family. It's turned cold here, so all of us kitties decided we had to be near Mom. As you can see, my siblings took over her lap. They haven't done that in a long time. Mom said she needs more lap for them.


  1. Sheamus, you were a brave kittie tolerating all those pokes & prods from the V*T.

    If your siblings fill up your Mom's lap, maybe you can cuddle on her shoulder. Anne Bonny does that a lot when she wants a cuddle, and beans have trouble resisting something like that.

  2. Sheamus, we are so glad you are healthy and were a good boy at the DR. office. Did your siblings sniff you a lot when you came home?

    Mom does have a lap full!

  3. It sounds like your vet visit wasn't too bad, Sheamus!

  4. Good job making it through the vet visit, Sheamus!

    The last photo of your siblings on your mom's lap is very cute. Silly kitties.

  5. That's cool !!! All check up went well for you both : )
    Hugs for extra warm !

  6. Sheamus P. has such a sweet baby face. He reminds me of Gus, who found a home via Space Paws. I'm really happy that his place is with the three of you.