Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidings

Greetings friends. This past Saturday was a bit stressful for me. I wasn't feeling too well Friday night. I didn't eat my dinner and I didn't sleep with Mom, Chani and Sheamus. The next morning, Mom found me in the guest room just sort of hanging out on the couch. She called me for breakfast and I slowly walked to my food. When she poured my food, I looked at the dish, looked at her and then walked away. She, of course, got worried and decided to take me to the VET. Sigh...

I was a good boy on the trip there. I just made sure to mew quietly and give Mom my most pathetic looks and rub against her fingers that she stuck in the cage.

Well, long story short, I'm in good health. Dr. Saito found me to be a bit sensitive in my hip areas, but everything else seemed fine. So, I got an anti-inflammatory shot and was sent home with strict orders not to jump too much at all. I'm obeying those orders for the most part. I'm also still giving Mom my sad and pathetic look too hehe... OH! AND after my visit to the VET, I went to Grandpa and Grandma's house and got tuna! ALL TO MYSELF! Talk about lucking out! Well, I deserved it because I had to go get checked up and I was a very good boy though I sure did wiggle when Dr. Saito tried taking my temperature.

One more thing, I am eating well again. So, Mom isn't as worried as she was this weekend. Yay!


  1. 9, we are glad you are feeling better now! Give Mom that sad race as long as you can and she will give you extra cuddles!

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling well, sweet 9, but I sure do like your happy ending - tuna and all! Glad you're on the mend, sweetie.

  3. I am really glad you're feeling better! And yeah, after a trip to the vet, extra special treats are definitely called for.

  4. Oh, poor 9! A visit to the dreaded v-e-t is never fun! Hope you feel better soon :)