Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am thankful that Sheamus Popoki is comfortable and confident enough to sleep on his back exposing his fluffy belly.

I am also thankful that he and 9 are getting along quite well. This past weekend, while 9 was being all mopey and such, I got very worried that he was upset that I brought Sheamus Popoki into our household. The dynamic between all 9 and Chani has changed a bit with Sheamus getting a bit more attention from 9 than Chani. However, Chani is taking it all in stride. She's even begun to play with Sheamus a bit. Though, she does hiss at him and take out her irritability on him. He's pretty oblivious to her moods.

9 on the other hand is a bit different. Although he still greets me at the door, he doesn't have the same look in his eyes. I'm not sure how to describe it. I am constantly reminding him that he is my #1 boy and such, but he does seem like he is getting down a bit. I hope when he feels better that he'll go back to playing with Sheamus like he was and giving me those lovely eyes. I still feel guilty though.

Then again, when they take over my bed like this, or when they do hang out together and I hear the stereo purrs, I feel a lot less guilty.

P.S. the together photos were taken before 9 hurt his hips. I'm waiting for them to be like this again.


  1. Boy cats are terribly soppy and they need so much affection from their person! I constantly have Bibi and Genji demanding my attention, and I try hard to give them both quality time each day. So, I'm sure you'll give 9 what he needs.


  2. I know what you mean about the new cat in the house. We saw a lot of change when Mac joined us and it has not gone back the way it was now that he is gone

  3. The cuddling photos are just adorable! Looks like everyone's adjusting, even if 9 is being a bit of a drama boy ;-) My Mishka is the drama boy of our family...every change is just so hard on him...I'm still waiting for him to stop sulking about the woofie :)

  4. I know what you mean about those eyes. Scarlett stopped doing them when Melly came along (I got reproachful glares instead) and I felt just awful. But eventually an equilibrium was established and Scarlett went back to normal. I am sure 9 will get there too, and I bet it helps that he actually likes the interloper!

  5. Kitties do not like change much. It looks like 9 is adjusting. Just keep giving him cuddle or lap time (if that is his thing) and he'll adapt in time.