Thursday, November 17, 2011

More new friends - Gazoo, PITA, Suki and Snowy

Mom went to visit a friend this past weekend and met 3 kitties and woofie. Above is Gazoo. Yes, he always looks paranoid apparently... Well, wouldn't you if you had to share your home with a big woofie like, Snowy (seen below)?
Still, Snowy is quite beautiful, don't you think? We're not sure we could handle living with a woofie, but Mom would love to have one heheh... pity she isn't home enough for a dog. Seriously, she's not home enough for us!

This is PITA (we'll let you guess what those letters stand for...) He was a feral rescue. Mom decided not to show off his whole body because, well... he's kind of big. Mom said something about a basketball on legs... He does have beautiful blue eyes though. Wow, just realized all of these new friends have beautiful blue eyes!

And finally, here is Suki. He's the sweetest of the bunch and feels very soft and clean. Pita and Suki stay upstairs away from Snowy. Only Gazoo is brave enough to be downstairs.


  1. Oh my gosh, these photos are all so cute...Gazoo is too funny, I love that "look" poor Mishka walks around looking like that these days and says he sympathizes with Gazoo and doesn't understand why woofies need to live in the same house as kitties! The woofie is quite gorgeous though...very good looking young woofie (kitties probably disagree)! PITA totally cracked me up, the face, the name, the description was all just perfect...and Suki looks just totally sweet and adorable!

    What a wonderful bunch! We're so happy we got to "meet" them :)

  2. i know what pita means! my mom taught me that one. ;) i love his and gazoo's faces. and all four are verrrrry beautiful!