Monday, November 21, 2011

Foster Kitten update

9:  Oh dear. Oh dear. We have some good news and some distressing news to relate here... Well, not really distressing, but...

Chani: 9! Just tell them!

9: Sigh... ok. Well, the good news is that Inky was adopted. Hooray!!!

Chani: Yes, that is good news... purr purr

9:Now, Mom is sad that Mango did not get adopted, but she is in love with him and has been unsuccessful in convincing Grandpa to adopt him! Grandma seems keen on the idea, but not Grandpa.

Chani: Oh, that is distressing.

9: No! That is not the distressing part! Mom wants to adopt Mango! She's thinking of bringing him here and and fostering him with us for a while to see if we will all get along!

Chani: What??? Inconceivable!

9: Will Mom still love us the same? Will I still be her favorite son?

Chani: Will I still be her Precious Princess Pretty Pants? Wait... why am I concerned? Mom loves me, I get the kotatsu to sleep under, and I'm ok with how you totally hog her attention.

9: That's not the point! I'm... I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Chani: There, there. It's ok! We're going to be fine.

9: AND she forgot to give us TUNA for our birthdays yesterday! We are 3 years old and she didn't even celebrate it with us! I mean, I had my birthday in October and she didn't say anything. She missed Tock-tober! Waaaaaaaaah!

Chani: Oh my goodness, you are right! Mooooom! How could you??? Waaah!


Yes, dear friends, I am on the road to true Crazy Cat Lady status. I am going to test out Mango and see how 9 and Chani react to him. I'm sure that they will be just fine. Mango is really laid back and accepts whatever attention is given to him. I'm sure he'll be a bit freaked out being in a new place with 2 new kitties to deal with, but keep your fingers crossed.

And, well, I'm still working on my dad to make him see how wonderful it would be for Mango to live with them. At any rate, if that doesn't work, we shall soon be having a new kitty joining us :D

And I will probably rename him Sheamus... yes, after the Irish WWE wrestler... I can't help myself.

And I promise to give 9 and Chani some tuna for their birthdays before Mango/Sheamus comes over.

Don't think I can start another sentence with 'and'... my poor high school English teacher would be appalled :D

Wish us luck!


  1. Oh my gosh, I'm jumping up and down and cheering you on to crazy cat lady status! It will be so awesome to have Mango live with you guys :) I'm sure they "dynamic duo" will pout for a bit but then in no time, they will be all friends :) I think three is the perfect number of kitties to have (well, honestly I think 50 is the perfect number but Husband seems to disagree)! I hope that all goes well with Mango's "fostering/test drive"...hee hee...I know how that goes...Gambino was supposed to be our "foster"...which he was for about 30 seconds until both husband and I went "Mine! Mine! Mine!"

    This is awesome! Good luck to all and hope that Mango becomes Shamus and finds his forever home with you :)

  2. In all my excitement, I totally forgot to wish 9 and Chani a Happity Hoppity Birthday! I know they will get lots and lots of treats and toys and cuddles and love.

    My kitties are sending birthday purrs to the dynamic duo and wishing they lived closer so they could have some tuna treats too ;)

  3. We know you two are nervous about this, but give it a chance! It is a good thing!

  4. Well, as a four kitty household (certified Crazy Cat Lady...), we would just like to say that we all get lots of attention from #1. Of course, your Mom has been a bit lax lately with the birthday thing, the Tocktober thing and the Tuna thing, so SHE NEEDS T MAKE IT UP TO YOU FAST!!!!

    The Chans

  5. tee hee! and happy 3rd birthday! they're just a wee bit older than winnie!