Friday, November 18, 2011

Foster kitties

On Sunday, Mom visited her other friend who fosters kittens. She has two formerly feral Siamese looking kitten siblings. Above is the boy. He's kind of shy and would often hide under the bed. Mom had a hard time taking photos of him.

His sister is a bit less shy and totally loves ear and neck skritches. If you do that, she flops on your lap and just enjoys the attention.

 Still, she's a bit shy. Such big ears though!

 And she also likes the kitty bed.

Remember Mango? Well, he wasn't called that when mom first saw him. But that's his name now. The rest of his siblings all found furever homes, but he hasn't. And for once, when Mom visited, she was not all about the kittens. She was all about Mango. Hmm... we don't think there's enough room for another kitty in our condo... He's still a sweet boy. Independent. It's hard to tell what he's thinking, but he did flop on his side for some belly rubs and he let Mom pick him up a few times. Yes, Mom is in love with him... not as much as she loves us, but you know how it is...

Finally, there is Inky. He's an older foster who needs a home too. Oh, and there is this tortie girl too, but Mom didn't get any good photos of her because she was mooning over Mango so much...


  1. Oh my, such a purrfect group of guys are lucky that your Mom didn't scoop them all up and bring them home ;)

  2. Oh, and I just have to say, the kittens are adorable, but Inky stole my heart :)

  3. So many fosters! I hope they're all getting along :)

  4. i've seen into the future, and i see good things for one mango boy!