Saturday, August 6, 2011

Marlene is in Hawaii

Aloha, everyone! While 9 and Chani relax at the Kitty Hotel, I am in Hawaii again. First, my family and I went to Kona. Right outside our hotel, we had these really lovely waves crashing against the rocks. They were quite loud, so I couldn't leave my sliding glass door open at night. Still, they were magnificent. One can really stand in awe of Mother Nature while watching these waves.

Mom wanted a photo for the Christmas card, so she and Dad posed for me. Lovely photo, yes? We also took photos of Dad and me and Mom and me... Oh boy, do I need to start working out. Ah well, isn't that always the case?

We are traveling with my cousin and her fiancee who has never been to Hawaii. So we're doing all sorts of tourist stuff like going to see the volcano (Kilauea) and Rainbow Falls (above). You'd think that driving around an island would not be too tiring, but it did take all day and we were exhausted by the end of it. Still, with such beautiful sites to see, one can't stay tired for too long.

A plumeria (edited from before... don't know what I was thinking by calling this a hibiscus!).

A 'honu' or sea turtle petroglyph made by the early Hawaiians.


Fiddlehead fern.

Fern... I'm not sure what the name is, but these ferns always grow perfectly symmetrical... it's pretty amazing to see fractal math like this in nature.

Finally, this is Lola, the woofie at Greenwell Coffee farms. She's a smart girl who comes down to where the local historical society makes Portuguese sweet bread the old fashion way. Yes, she naps in the sun and waits for some scraps from the bakers. And, if you have never had a taste of Portuguese sweet bread, you are missing out. I cannot recommend enough going to Greenwell farms to try this bread, especially when it is fresh and warm from the oven.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Mom would love to go there!

  2. Beautiful Place and our favorite photo is your mom and dad sweet !!! and full of love

  3. Such beautiful pictures! Hawaii looks like such a gorgeous place.

  4. Oh you're killing me all these photos...makes me want to hop on a plane now and go go go :)