Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Three times the charm

Mom went to visit the kittens for a 3rd time... very dangerous! She was tempted again by that darling floofy orangey boy, now named Mango. Above you see the cute tortie girl.

And the darling Siamese girl. Her name is Kirei which is Japanese for pretty or clean. She's still a doll, but was getting over an eye infection.

Here's the tortie girl again.

Here's Mango again. He's a little doll still! But he's not that quick on the uptake. Mom's not sure she could handle a 3rd kitty who is absolutely adorable and yet not that quick (it's hard to compare kitties against Q who was soooo smart!). And Grandpa gave a definite 'no'. Oh well. I'm sure he'll find a lovely home. He caught Kirei's eye infection :(

Here's his sister, Sunkist. She's got that eye infection too.

Mom has decided that it is too dangerous for her to visit kittens three times. It's too hard to not get attached!

All the kittens have had their operations and they are all ready for adoption. If anyone in the bay area of California is interested, let me know (marlene_hirose at yahoo.com).


  1. Those are very sweet babies. Good luck on furever homes!

  2. The tortie has this perpetually worried look on her face -- so adorable! I don't blame you, Marlene, for wanting to take one with you :)

  3. They are so cute! I don't know how you resisted them after three visits. That is some serious willpower!

  4. Third times the charm -grin-
    Kirei looks like Myst when I first found him.