Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Last bit of Maui

Some last few photos of Maui. Above you see Iao Needle in Iao Valley.

Another view from Iao Valley. If you hike over this mountain, you can get to Lahaina. I think I'd rather go around via car than foot. And there have been some hikers who have gotten lost there. Still, it is pretty gorgeous.

Now, Sam Sato's is a restaurant that I've been going to since I was a little girl AND my father used to go when he was young too. It's good old local style plantation food. I love it. It's my favorite place to go and I would highly recommend it to anyone. It does get crowded and it's only opened for breakfast and lunch. They're famous for the dry saimin (ramen type noodles) but I always get their won ton mein or their chow fun. Tasty. And the fries which come with this Best Foods Mayo and French's mustard dip are really really good.

Now, for dessert, we go to Tasaka Guri Guri in the Maui Mall. This is another one of my childhood favorites. "Guri-guri" is a sort of Japanization of the words "goody goody". It's an ice cream/sherbert/sorbet type of mixture that only comes in strawberry and pineapple. I usually get 5 scoops mixed, but that seems to be a lot for some people. My parents usually go for the 3 scoop. When I was a kid, I preferred the strawberry, now I prefer the pineapple. Guri-guri does melt quickly, so it should be consumed right away. Love love love this.

Remember Mika from last year? Well, she still wasn't too happy that I was taking photos of her. I did attempt to snuggle with her later in the evening. She let me, but she wasn't pleased at all.

And then there is Patches. Sweet woofie who really enjoyed hanging around while we were eating dinner.

Finally, a rainbow seen from the entry of our hotel, the Sheraton Maui at Lahaina.

I am very happy to be home with my kitties, but a part of me is still in Maui.


  1. Beautiful! That is one place Mom would like to go!

  2. Iao Needle, check. Sam Sato's, double check.(Mein and fries in the same location??? I'm way too excited now.) Thank you for the suggestions, Marlene :).