Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am back!

I am back from Hawaii and a bit heartsore that I'm back in San Jose. Sigh... 9 and Chani come home from the Kitty Hotel tomorrow. That will truly help, but I really missed them a lot while away.

I have a few more pictures from Maui, but I'm a bit busy and jet lagged, so those will have to wait.

More pictures of 9 and Chani when we get back together!


  1. WElcome back! I know you will be very happy to get your babies home!

  2. Welcome back...I'm sure 9 and Chani are thrilled that you're back home :)

  3. I always get anxious about Meow Meow when we go away on long trips. That first moment when I have her back is a wonderful one. A happy reunion to you, Chani, and 9!