Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Fosters again

Mom has been very remiss of late. She has been taking photos of other kitties instead of us! How annoying. But, we still love here. The other day, she went to visit her friend and the foster kittens again. Boy, they have grown!

Here's the little black girl kitty.

Ooh! This orange boy is from another litter. He had the sneezies, but he's enjoying being with all the lovely girl kitties.
The tortie girl is back with her family! She definitely has the toritude and tortie cuteness going.

Here's the orangey girl. She's so spunky still and sweet.

And the orangey longish hair boy. He obviously isn't all that great, is he? Heheh... I jest. He's a sweetheart and quite independent. Mom is trying to convince Grandpa and Grandma that they need to adopt his guy, but they're being stubborn.

Here's the orangey boy again. Very cute.

And all the kittens eating.

And here's the orangey long hair boy again. Squee!


  1. Oh they are just gorgeous especially the orange long haired one.. Hugs GJ xx

  2. They are all so cute. We would love to play with them!

  3. They are adorable!! I hope your grandparents adopt the little dude :)