Friday, July 22, 2011

Drama Princess

My dear friends,

As you know, Mom has been horribly neglecting 9 and myself. She has been coming home very late (serving us our dinner long after the proper time) or coming home and going out again. There's even a rumor that she will be leaving us to go to that Hawaii place again! It's horrible!

But this morning, the most horrible thing happened. As she was getting ready to go to work, I followed Mom into the closet. She got what she needed, turned, left the closet and shut the door WITH ME STILL INSIDE THE CLOSET!

It was so traumatic!

I don't know what she was doing. I could hear her moving around, so I mewed to let her know I was trapped. She talked to me saying comforting things, that she'd be with me in a moment. And she even asked me why I didn't push the door open because it was slightly ajar and that's all I had to do to get out.

Me... push a door? I am flabbergasted she would even suggest that I, Chani Princess Pretty Pants, would lower myself in such a way as to push a door open. That is Mom's job (well, pull in her case), not mine!

And what was my dear brother doing while I was trapped? According to Mom, he was sitting outside the door. He was worried, but once he figured I was ok, he LEFT me! Grrrr...

All this trauma and drama has tired me out. I must rest now.

I hope you all have a better Friday than mine was this morning!


  1. Oh no, you poor traumatized dear! I hope you've recovered from the horrible experience and that you were given lots of comforting snuggles and treats.

  2. Poor baby. You should not have to push the door!

  3. We are shuddering in utter horror, Chani. HOW COULD SHE???????

    The Chans

  4. Chani, dear, the world looks different from the human end sometimes. Forgive us for expecting more of you than we would if we had kitty brains.

    Marlene, when are you going to Hawaii? (And where?) We're taking our first trip to Maui in September :)