Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We are back!

Mom did not have a good sale and was in a very bad mood on Sunday. We helped her out by letting her squish us. After such 'stress' for us, we lay in the sun to recover.

Oh, we lead such a difficult life.

Chani meditates to keep her calm. The rays of the sun certainly help her maintain her Zen mindset.

Above is Shadow, the studio cat. She is definitely the Queen of Blossom Hill Crafts.

Doesn't she have the most adorable nose???

Mom is feeling much better now that the sale is done. She's got a few ideas about what to make next, but is not sure she'll take part in the next studio sale. She will have to see and will let you know!


  1. Chani , You look adorable indeed !

  2. Shadow has a very cute nose. You two are so good to Mom to let her de-stress by squishing you!

  3. Kitty-squishing is a very useful outlet indeed. Glad you two are indulging Mom. We love you for it, you know.