Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Time Machine

Just a quick post. Years ago, Mom took some photography classes using "gasp!" black and white film! Q, who came before, was one of her favorite subjects, of course. The assignment was to do a 1 second exposure portrait. So, Mom set up a tripod, set the camera up for auto shoot, picked up Q, squished him for 1 second. She did a couple of shots and then in the dark room, merged her two favorite images.

Mom has been squishing kitties forever, hasn't she!

As for pottery, if anyone is in the Bay Area of California this weekend, and if you feel like meeting Mom in person, please visit her at the Blossom Hill Crafts Annual Spring Sale!


  1. Thats great! 9 and Chani your mum squishing you is part of the deal Im afraid!

    I used to squish my Sooty all the time before he went to the bridge - He just put with it and purred though. I bet you purr when your mum does it too :)

  2. We can tell she loves to squish kitties! We wish we were in the Bay Area and could meet your Mom!